Sencha Ext JS 6

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    Sencha Touch is a user interface (UI) JavaScript library, or web framework, specifically built for the Mobile Web. ExtJS stands for Extended JavaScript.

    Introduction, Ext JS Features

    What is an Application

    Writing a Classic toolkit only application starting with index.html, continue writing the application using Cmd

    Writing a Universal Classic Toolkit and Modern Toolkit Application

    Generate the initial application, fetch data, show thumbnails using a Classic toolkit dataview, style the view using Sass, refactor the app to allow a shared controller and view model, code the Modern toolkit list, group the data, use a Classic toolkit window, use a Modern toolkit navigation view

    Mechanics :

    • Writing code, prototype and Sencha Fiddle, Cmd, debugging.

     Sencha Architecture:

    • Overview, application structure, creating objects, when to refactor code into types, the class system, organizing source

    Views :

    • Components, containers, layouts and events, panels, toolbars and buttons, layouts, dialogs.

    View Controllers :

    • Event handling, component references, encapsulation and scope, lifecycle methods, architecture review

    View Models :

    • Structure, bindable, formulas, advanced comparison of events and binding

    Sending and Receiving Data :

    • – fields, custom validator types, custom field types, associations, proxies, readers and writers; – creating stores, loading data, selecting records, filtering, CRUD, chained stores; Ext.AJAX;

    Data-Aware Components :

    • Templates, Dataviews; Grids – Column types, Selection model, Features, Plugins, Paging, Pivot grid; Tree panels – Tree stores, Node interface, Dynamic loading; Forms – Ext.form.field, examples, Validation, Input Type, Form submission; Charts – Axes, Series, styling and Interactions, Calendar.

    Advanced :

    • Routes, mashup mixin, state, Responsive design, Static members, Mixins, Overrides.

    Going Into Production :

    • Theming, Localization, Builds

    Mobile Components :

    • Navigation view, Multimedia, lists, forms


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    ExtJS stands for Extended JavaScript. It is a JavaScript framework and a product of Sencha, based on YUI (Yahoo User Interface). It is basically a desktop application development platform with modern UI.