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Data Science Staff Augmentation Services

The most valuable resource is time. Heads of business delivery departments of large corporations are especially careful about their own labor costs, therefore, they are increasingly attracting external resources to solve business delivery problems.

Through the involvement of a team of third-party developers, the lion’s share of the client’s time is freed up for strategic planning and focus on truly important business tasks. Operations, micromanagement, project management, personnel changes – all this becomes the responsibility of the development partner.

If a business needs an urgent project scaling, team augmentation becomes an indispensable resource. External teams, by the nature of the specifics of their activities, are “sharpened” for quick adaptation both to the project itself and to possible changes in the course of implementation. Therefore, the involvement of a reliable outsourcing partner is guaranteed to ensure a high speed of inclusion of external specialists in the current project.

Tasks on the customer’s side can be varied. The competencies of internal specialists in some cases may not be enough to implement some of them. The advantages of attracting outsourcing companies lies in their flexibility and ability to form any project teams for a variety of requirements and project tasks of the client.

Benefit of working with Locus IT

Data Science is one of our key business units which has large consulting projects across all the major industries/domains.

  • Specialized in Data Science Services
  • Pool of Ready toDeploy Resources
  • Resources with Global Exposure
  • Guaranteed Performances
  • Domain Specific Consultants
Data Science Business Delivery Team

When do you need an augmentation arrangement service?

With our technical team augmentation service, you get committed and technically skilled developers who can help you speed up your business process and/or with the integration of your product.

It might be pretty hard to employ and secure exceptional and profitable IT talent in your area. Our Business Analytics  specialists team augmentation service can help. Plus, you won’t have to spend time onboarding new employees.

The extended team works  according to the rules of your company. You can rely on them 24/7. Finally, we work to make our BA augmentation service a long-term relationship with your company, with rewarding benefits.

We can also propose the best-suited and domain specialists (finance, retail, manufacturing etc) if your company needs them and help integrate new features into your product.

Our goal is to reduce the risk of your company releasing an incomplete dashboards or reports to your customers, thus protecting you from additional expenses.


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