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Business intelligence is continually evolving, and businesses are increasingly seeking more agile solutions to be able to react to their fast-changing environment, especially as the time to make critical business decisions shortens. In the last 20 years, the information required for decision-making has become increasingly complex due to data coming from multiple sources that need to be combined to form new insights.

We at Locus IT specialize in business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics. Locus IT specifically crafted the “Heap of Success”, the flagship best practice model of the consultancy which ultimately shows clients their path to success. This methodology provides a unique 360 degree coverage for the clients. We are solely committed to constantly reviewing the market on the rising side of the curve and partnering with the most innovative BI platforms in providing the best innovative solutions to our dedicated clients.

Locus IT provides a wide range of services such as ROI Optimiser, Knowledge Management, Digital workers, Real-time streaming analytics, 360-degree view, Data Lake acceleration, BI audit and strategy, and much more. We are a focused BI consultancy company that provides customised and innovative solutions to our client’s business problems. Our approach and implemented strategy to the defined business problems is what makes Locus IT and its services unique.

ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle are a pivotal component in our business intelligence landscapes. Whist playing a vital role in an organisation’s data landscape, it is often difficult to extract data from ERP systems to deliver insights swiftly with self-service enabled. The good news is, Locus IT has developed a solution that bridges the gap between mission-critical ERP systems and modern BI platforms.

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Transform your Business Intelligence with Data Science models and structures. Talk to us to know how we do that for you in most cost effective way!

Ensuring efficiency across all your systems. The team comes with hands on experience of implementing Business Intelligence system across all the industries and various parts of the world.  We find the faults and suggest the best practices.

Generate greater leads by optimising your marketing funnel. Locus IT help businesses through their complete journey of acquiring a lead, governing all the marketing stages of the funnel, and nurturing them to the final process of buying.

Unable to utilise the true value of your data? Does your BI system have multiple interfaces and suffer a loss of quality from data generation to consumption? Locus IT can help through our ability to solve challenges being faced within large enterprise data landscapes. Locus IT has years of experience in enterprise business intelligence systems. We understand the issues that leading businesses are facing in their data landscapes and can resolve complex data quality and reconciliation issues.

Locus IT can help reduce consumption or improve sales by recommending the right data monetisation strategy needed to monetise the data.

Monetising the data using a strategic data monetisation approach has been helping many companies in increasing their top-line benefits.

Facing challenges in implementing data monetisation capabilities and need guidance? We can help you maximize the value of your business by understanding the core issue of the organisation.

Make better, focused, and informed business decisions by leveraging on the right BI platform with the help of Locus IT.  As the BI market is constantly evolving, with new developments in platforms being released every day, Locus IT keeps up to date with the latest evolutions and trends across the market to ensure that clients select the BI tool that is the best fit for their organisation.

Make better and more informed decisions. Dark data and unstructured data are about the same thing. The difference lies in to whom the term is directed. Unstructured data tends to be a word directed at engineers. It refers to the structural qualities of the data, signalling to the engineer how they’ll have to go about refining the data to make any use of it.

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