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Technology Training for Every Corporate House.

Locus IT Academy has 1000+ empanelled IT trainers/Consultants for Microsoft, Cisco, VMware, AWS, Oracle, Citrix, Red Hat. Locus Trainers possess the mandatory certifications MCT, VCI, AAI, RHCI, CCSI etc. For over 15 years, Locus IT has delivered tangible improvements to organisations by enabling their developers, managers and professionals to reach their full potential through transformational learning experiences.We design and deliver over 100 short courses across all the IT skills.

When you work with Locus Academy you will be guaranteed a corporate training programme that is totally customised to meet your specific project requirements and culture. It will be delivered for you by a team of corporate trainers and facilitators with a proven track record and a wealth of practical, real world experience.

The training provider, through its know-how and technological expertise, has acted as a catalyst for change, bringing a number of new approaches to this market. The company was the first in its market to offer “courses never cancelled”, unique pricing models and easy late rescheduling.