Sencha Ext JS

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    1. Sencha Ext JS Introduction

    a). Introduction to Sencha Ext JS
    b). Setup development environment
    c). Introduction to Sencha documentation

    2. Ext JS Class System

    a). Understand Ext JS 4 core Classes
    b). Naming conventions
    c). Define custom class
    d). Define Static member
    e). Define private members
    f). Inheritance
    g). Mixins
    h). Config
    i). Custom events
    j). Significance of Ext.application
    k). Class file path & folder structure
    l). Dynamic dependency loading

    3. Working with DOM Elements

    a). ExtJS Element
    b). Composite element
    c). Manipulate DOM
    d). DomHelper
    e). Querying the DOM Elements
    f). DOM Events handling

    4. Ext JS Lang Functions

    a). Ext.Array
    b). Ext.Date
    c). Ext.Function
    d). Ext.Number
    e). Ext.Object
    f). Ext.String

    5. Introduction to Ext JS Components

    a). Generic Components
    b). Component Registry
    c). Component Lifecycle
    d). Component vs Element
    e). Custom components
    f). Traversing components

    6. Introduction to Ext JS Containers

    a). Container
    b). Viewport
    c). Panel
    d). Menu
    e). Toolbar
    f). TabPanel
    g). Form
    h). Grid

    7. Implement Layout Managers

    8. Debugging Ext JS Application

    9. Ext JS 4 MVC Architecture

    10.Data package

    a). Defining Model
    b). Fields
    c). Validation
    d). Defining Association
    e). Store
    f). Proxy
    g). Reader
    h). Writer
    i). Ajax Request

    11. Working with Form

    a). Form fields
    b). Field validation
    c). Implement CRUD operation

    12. Working with Grid

    a). Defining grid
    b). Paging in grid
    c). Grid Features
    d). Editable Grid
    e). Grid plug-ins
    f). Implement CRUD Operation

    13. Data Controls

    a). ComboBox
    b). Templates and DataView
    c). TreeView

    14. Drag & Drop

    15. Chart

    16. Ext JS 5 Introduction

    a). New Features of Ext JS 5
    b). Migration from Ext JS 4
    c). Improvement in MVC
    d). MVVM Architectuer
    e). Ext JS 5 Model
    f). Association
    g). ViewModel
    h). ViewController
    i). Session
    j). ChainedStore
    k). Routing
    l). Responsive Web Design

    17. Theming

    a). Styling component
    b). Introduction of CSS vars & mixins
    c). Introduction of SASS & Compass
    d). Overview of SASS Syntax
    e). Introduction of component Ui
    f). Creating new theme

    18. Building, packaging & deploying Ext JS Application


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    Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.

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    • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and JSON
    • Prior experience on developing web application.