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    Training Mode: Online



    1. What You Should Already Know
    2. Adding the jQuery Library to Your Pages
    3. Basic Example
    4. Downloading
    5. Alternatives to Downloading
    6. jQuery Syntax
    7. The Document Ready Function
    8. How to use Custom Scripts?
    9. Using Multiple Libraries
    10. jQuery – noConflict() Method


    1. String
    2. Numbers
    3. Boolean
    4. Objects
    5. Arrays
    6. Functions
    7. Arguments
    8. Scope
    9. Built-in Functions
    10. jQuery – Selectors

    How to use Selectors?

    1. CSS Element Selector and ID Selector
    2. CSS Element Class Selector and Universal Selector
    3.CSS Multiple Elements E, F, G Selector
    4. Callback Functions

    DOM Attributes

    1. Get Attribute Value
    2. Set Attribute Value

    DOM Traversing

    1. Find Elements by index
    2. Filtering out Elements
    3. Locating Descendent Elements
    4. DOM Traversing Methods

    CSS Methods

    1. Apply CSS Properties and Multiple CSS Properties
    2. Setting Element Width & Height
    3. CSS Methods

    DOM Manipulation Methods

    1. Content Manipulation
    2. DOM Element Replacement
    3. Removing DOM Elements
    4. Inserting DOM elements
    5. DOM Manipulation Methods
    6. Binding event handlers
    7. Removing event handlers
    8. Event Types
    9. The Event Object and Attributes


    1. Effect Methods, Hide and Show
    2. jQuery Toggle
    3. jQuery Slide – slideDown, slideUp, slideToggle
    4. jQueryFade – fadeIn, fadeOut, fadeTo
    5. Custom Animations


    1. load()
    2. get()
    3. post()
    4. ajax()


    1. getJSON()


    For more inputs on jQuery you can connect here.
    Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.

    Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on jQuery for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on  jQuery  are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.


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    Design and build rich interactive web applications.
    Creating interactive user interface.<br />The jQuery library makes it easy to manipulate a page of HTML after it’s displayed by the browser.
    It also provides tools that help you listen for a user to interact with your page, tools that help you create animations in your page, and tools that let you communicate with a server without reloading the page.