IOS application using React Native +Typescript+Swift.

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction

    Overview of the Project
    Purpose and Scope
    Target Audience

    2. Setting Up the Development Environment

    Installing Node.js and npm
    Installing React Native CLI
    Configuring Xcode for iOS development
    Setting up TypeScript in the project

    3. Creating a New React Native Project

    Initializing a new React Native project
    Folder structure overview
    Configuring TypeScript in React Native

    4. Implementing Core Features with React Native

    Creating components and screens
    Navigation setup using React Navigation
    State management with React Hooks and Context API

    5. Integrating TypeScript

    Configuring TypeScript compiler options
    Typing React Native components and functions
    Using interfaces and types

    6. Implementing Native Modules with Swift

    Setting up Swift in React Native project
    Creating native Swift modules
    Bridging Swift modules with React Native

    7. Handling Navigation Between React Native and Swift

    Integrating React Native screens with Swift components
    Passing data between React Native and Swift

    8. Styling and Theming

    Styling components with StyleSheet
    Theming with styled-components
    Customizing styles in Swift components

    9. Handling Asynchronous Operations

    Making API calls with Fetch or Axios
    Integrating asynchronous operations with TypeScript

    10. Testing and Debugging

    Unit testing React Native components
    Debugging in React Native
    Using Xcode debugger for Swift components

    11 . Deployment

    Building the iOS application
    Configuring app icons and splash screens
    Distributing the app through the App Store

    12. Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD)

    Setting up CI/CD pipelines
    Automating the build and deployment process


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