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    AngularJS is one of the JavaScript open-source web application frameworks which is generally used to add an HTML page along with a tag.

    AngularJS Introduction

    1. Introduction To Client Side Scripting Languages
    2. Basics of Javascript and jQuery
    3. Introduction and Its History
    4. Why should we use AngularJS?

    Execution flow

    1. Properties, Methods
    2. Binding controllers with views
    3. Controller hierarchy
    4. Sharing data between controllers

    Bootstrapping  APPS

    1. Auto bootstrap
    2. Custom bootstrap

    Data Binding

    1. Binding Model Objects
    2. Model Objects Visibility
    3. $scope
    4. $rootScope
    5. Difference between $scope & $rootScope
    6. Using $emit and $broadcast
    7. JSON advantages
    8. Using JSON
    9. Use of $watch, $digest & $apply

    Understanding AngularJS Architecture
    Dependency Injection

    1. What is Dependency Injection?
    2. Implicit DI
    3. Inline Array Annotated DI
    4. $inject Array Annotated DI


    1. Expressions,  Numbers
    2. Strings, Arrays
    3. Objects


    1. Power of directives
    2. Working with built in directives
    3. ng-app, ng-init
    4. ng-model, ng-repeat
    5. ng-class, ng-template
    6. ng-include
    7. Working with custom directives


    1. Adding Filters to Expressions, Directives
    2. Working with built in filters
    3. Creating custom filters


    1. ng-click
    2. Hiding HTML Elements
    3. ng-disabled
    4. ng-show, ng-hide


    1. Controllers Pollute the Global Namespace
    2. Application Files

    XMLHttpRequest (AJAX)

    1. AngularJS $http

    AngularJS Forms & Input Validation AngularJS Service Types

    1. Constants and Values, Factories
    2. Services, Providers

    Single Page Applications

    1. What is SPA?
    2. How to work with SPA in angular
    3. Working with routes
    4. Static & dynamic routing

    REST API Calls

    1. Overview of REST API
    2. Use of angular resource module


    1. Overview of transitions
    2. Use of angular animate module

    Angular with UI Frameworks

    1. ui boostrap
    2. anguar-meterial

    Behavior Driven Development

    1. Overview of Nodejs
    2. installation of karma and jasmin
    3. working with karma and jasmin


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    AngularJS is one of the JavaScript open-source web application frameworks which is generally used to add an HTML page along with a tag. The major aim of AngularJS is to simplify the application development and testing performance by providing a framework called MVC (Model View Controller) Architecture. It enables the application to change from bulk amount of programming code into a simple code.


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