Generative AI for Testers

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT I. Introduction to Generative AI for Testers
    A. Overview of Generative AI
    B. Importance of Generative AI in Testing

    UNIT II. Fundamentals of Generative AI
    A. Understanding Neural Networks
    B. Basics of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer)
    C. Key Concepts in Generative AI

    UNIT III. Applications of Generative AI in Testing
    A. Test Data Generation
    B. Automated Test Case Creation
    C. Enhancing Test Coverage with Generative AI

    UNIT IV. Implementing Generative AI in Testing Environments
    A. Integration with Testing Frameworks
    B. Choosing the Right Generative AI Model
    C. Addressing Challenges and Limitations

    UNIT V. Hands-On Exercises and Labs
    A. Creating Generative AI-driven Test Data
    B. Building Automated Test Cases using Generative Models
    C. Real-world Case Studies

    UNIT VI. Best Practices and Tips for Successful Implementation
    A. Ensuring Data Security and Privacy
    B. Monitoring and Evaluating Generative AI Performance
    C. Continuous Improvement Strategies

    UNIT VII. Future Trends in Generative AI for Testing
    A. Evolution of Generative AI Technologies
    B. Potential Impact on Testing Practices
    C. Staying Updated in the Dynamic Field


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