Python for Testers

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 .Introduction to Python for Testing

    Overview of Python
    Importance of Python in Testing

    2 . Setting Up the Development Environment

    Installing Python
    Configuring IDEs for Testing

    3 . Basic Python Concepts for Testers

    Variables and Data Types
    Operators and Expressions
    Control Flow (if statements, loops)

    4 . Working with Data in Python

    Lists and Tuples

    5 . Functions and Modules

    Defining and Using Functions
    Creating and Importing Modules

    6 . Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) for Testers

    Classes and Objects
    Inheritance and Polymorphism
    Encapsulation and Abstraction

    7 . File Handling in Python for Testing

    Reading and Writing Files
    Handling Different File Formats

    8 . Web Testing with Python

    Introduction to Web Testing
    Using Selenium for Web Automation

    9 . API Testing with Python

    Basics of API Testing
    Using Requests Library for API Testing

    10 . Testing Frameworks in Python

    Overview of Testing Frameworks
    Introduction to PyTest

    11 . Database Testing with Python

    Connecting to Databases
    Executing SQL Queries

    12 . Automated Testing Best Practices

    Writing Clean and Maintainable Code
    Test Case Design and Organization

    13 . Integration with Continuous Integration (CI) Tools

    Integrating Tests with CI/CD Pipelines
    Automated Testing in CI/CD

    14 . Introduction to Test Automation in Python

    Importance of Test Automation
    Frameworks for Test Automation

    15 . Troubleshooting and Debugging in Python

    Common Issues and Solutions
    Debugging Techniques


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