International Software Testing Qualifications Board(ISTQB)

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1. Introduction to Software Testing:

    Definition of Software Testing
    Purpose and objectives of testing
    Principles of software testing

    2. Fundamentals of Testing:

    The testing process
    The psychology of testing
    Code of ethics

    3. Testing Throughout the Software Development Lifecycle:

    V-model and other development models
    Relationship between testing and development
    Static testing and dynamic testing

    4. Static Techniques:

    Review process and types of reviews
    Static analysis by tools

    5. Test Design Techniques:

    Black-box testing techniques
    White-box testing techniques
    Experience-based techniques

    6. Test Management:

    Test organization and independence
    Test planning and estimation
    Test monitoring and control

    7. Test Tools:

    Types of testing tools
    Effective use of tools
    Introduction to test automation

    8. Test Execution:

    Test execution process
    Defect life cycle
    Test completion criteria

    9. Defects:

    Causes of defects
    Defect life cycle
    Defect prevention and process improvement

    10. Specialized Testing Types:

    Security testing
    Performance testing
    Usability testing
    Compatibility testing



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