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    Selenium Testing Training in Bangalore offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands on Practical Classes with Best Industrial Experts & Working on Real Time Projects.

    Course Content
    1-Introduction to Selenium
    • What is Test Automation?
    • Benefits of Test Automation
    • What is Selenium?
    • Different Components of Selenium
    • Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid
    • High level features of each component of Selenium


    2-Locators & XPATH
    • What are Locator & its different types?
    • What is XPath, Absolute & Relative Xpath
    • Builing Xpath


    3-Introduction to Selenium WebDriver
    • Set Up WebDriver Client
    • Configure Eclipse with WebDriver
    • Demonstration on Configuring Selenium Web driver
    • Download driver software for Chrome
    • Running a basic test on Chrome
    • Assignment of running a basic test on Chrome


    4-Handling Links, Buttons, Checkbox, RadioButton
    • Use of Browser Inspector
    • WebDriver Commands
    • Interacting with Links, Buttons
    • Working with textbox, reading text from web element
    • Working with checkbox, radio button, gettitle
    • Demo on web driver commands
    • Assignment on web driver commands


    5-Handling static & dynamic webtables     Working with Static & Dynamic Webtables
    • Building xpath to read from a Web table cell
    • Read text/values from Web Page
    • Enter values into elements/objects
    • Demo on reading values from Webtable
    • Assignment on reading values from Webtable


    6-Webdriver waits & Browser Navigation Commands
    • Synchronization – different types of wait statements
    • Implicit Wait & Explicit Wait
    • Pros and cons of different types of waits
    • Browser Navigation Commands
    • to, navigate. Forward
    • Back, navigate. Refresh
    • Demo on webdriver commands & waits
    • Assignment on webdriver commands & waits


    7-Data Driven Tests
    • What is data driven testing
    • Parameterizing the test scripts using excel
    • Read test data from excel
    • Writing Test results onto excel
    • Demo on data driven testing
    • Assignment on data driven testing


    8-Handling Alerts, Multiple Browser Windows
    • How to handle multiple browser windows
    • Handling Alerts
    • Accept, dismiss, sendkeys, gettext methods
    • Demo on handling multiple browser windows & alerts
    • Assignments on handling multiple browser windows & alerts


    9-Selenium WebDriver with Maven
    • Introduction to Maven
    • Install Maven in Eclipse
    • Creating Maven Project in Eclipse
    • Using Dependency Keyword in POM.xml
    • Maven Local & Central Repositories
    • Add other dependencies in pom.xml file
    • Run the selenium test with maven build
    • Demo on building maven project
    • Assignment on building maven project


    10-Page Object Model(POM)& Page Factory
    • Introduction to Page Object Model Framework
    • Creating class files with methods & data fields
    • Creating Object Repository
    • Creating test files
    • Using Page Factory
    • Demo on building POM Framework
    • Assignment on building POM Framework


    11-Selenium Grid
    • Introduction to Selenium Grid
    • Remote Web Driver
    • Configuring Hub
    • Configuring Node
    • Running scripts on remote computer / parallel execution
    • Demo on Selenium Grid
    • Assignments on Selenium Grid

    Please Visit Selenium Official Site: || Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on Selenium Testing  for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on Selenium Testing are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.


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