Tricentis qTest – Admin tool Training

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    Training Mode: Online


    Tricentis-qTest Admin Tool Training aims to provide a centralized view of software testing activities, and its impact on testing visibility, risk assessment, co… In our organization we have integrated qTest Admin Tool  with ADO board, so that we can have realtime tracking of defect, test case and story completion. qTest Admin Tool is a test management tool used for Project Management, Bug Tracking, and Test Management. It follows the centralized test management concept that helps to communicate easily and assists in rapid development of task across QA team and other stakeholders.

    This tool focuses on the management coordination and report of test exceution. qTest Admin Tool are responsible for test planning ,managing requirements, monitoring test case creation and test execution as well as test insights and reporting. Tricentis-qTest Admin Tool Training path is suitable for a Test Lead, Test Manager, or Senior Software Engineer or Analyst.

    This training simplies developer tester alignment at both the requirements and defects levels. It enables agile teams to approach Q and A strategically, this test early and often , get to market faster. qTest Admin Tool offers just this.  In qTest Admin Tool whether you use our native integrations with Agile like Jira or our customizable workflow engine, keeps DevOps teams and  working harmoniously.


    1 . Introduction to Tricentis-qTest Admin Tool Training

    Overview of Tricentis qTest
    Importance of Admin Tool

    2  . Installation and Setup

    System Requirements
    Installation Process
    Configuration Settings

    3 . User Management

    Creating and Managing User Accounts
    Setting User Permissions
    User Roles and Responsibilities

    4 . Project Configuration

    Creating Projects
    Configuring Project Settings
    Managing Project Resources

    5 . Test Case Management

    Importing Test Cases
    Organizing Test Cases
    Versioning and History

    6 . Test Execution

    Running Test Cases
    Monitoring Test Execution
    Logging Test Results

    7 . Defect Tracking

    Capturing and Logging Defects
    Defect Life Cycle
    Integrating with Other Tools

    8 . Reporting and Analytics

    Generating Reports
    Customizing Reports
    Analyzing Test Data

    9  . Integration with Other Tools

    Integration Overview
    Connecting with CI/CD Pipelines
    Third-party Integrations

    10 . Backup and Recovery

    Backing Up Data
    Restoring from Backup
    Disaster Recovery Planning

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