Grafana And Prometheus

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    Grafana And Prometheus Training in Bangalore offered by Locus IT with 100% hands on practical classes with industrial experts and working with real time projects . This sample demonstrates how to capture NServiceBus metrics, storing these in Prometheus and visualizing these metrics using Grafana.

    Course Content 
    1-Introduction to system monitoring and Grafana
    • Concepts of telemetry
    • Push- and pull-based telemetry
    • Sampling, data retention and down sampling
    • Grafana and data sources
    2-Details of Grafana
    • Grafana installation
    • Accessing Grafana
    • Creating first dashboard
    • Dashboards, rows and panels
    • Timerange selector
    • Relative time and Time shift
    3-Data sources
    • Prometheus architecture
    • Installing Prometheus
    • Accessing Prometheus web interface
    • Installing node_exporter
    • Getting metrics
    • Querying Prometheus
    • Scraping metrics to Prometheus
    • Graphite architecture
    • Installing Graphite
    • Feeding Graphite
    • Adding data sources to Grafana
    4-Deep dive into Grafana panels
    • Graph
    • Singlestat
    • Gauge
    • Bargauge
    • Heatmap
    • Textpanel
    • Tablepanel
    • Dashboard list
    • Plugin panels
    • Manipulating panels
    5-Annotations and alerting
    • Annotations
    • Alerts
    • Alert list panel
    • E-mail and other ways of alert notifications
    6-Explore and variables
    • Explore functionality
    • Templating with variables
    • Dynamic panels based on variables
    7-Loki – Grafana log aggregation system
    • Loki overview
    • Installation
    • Exploring logs
    8-Grafana administration
    • Organizing Grafana
    • Migrating to MySQL
    • High Availability in Grafana
    • Running Grafana behind reverse proxy
    • Securing Grafana with SSL certificate
    • Troubleshooting Grafana
    9- Introduction to Prometheus
    • What is Prometheus
    •  Basic Terminologies in Prometheus
    10- Architecture
    •  Prometheus Architecture
    •  How does it work?
    11- Installation and Walk through
    • Prometheus Installation
    • Prometheus UI walks through
    • Understanding Prometheus Configuration File
    •  Read application endpoints from Prometheus First Run
    12- Exporters
    • What are Exporters?
    • Node Exporter – Monitoring Linux Systems
    13- PromQL
    • Data Types in PromQL
    • Selectors & Matchers
    • Binary Operators
    • ‘ignoring’ and ‘on’ keywords
    • Aggregation Operators
    • Functions – ‘rate’ & ‘irate’
    • Functions – changes, deriv, predict_linear
    • Functions continued
    14-Client Libraries – Adding Instrumentation to Java/Spring Boot Application
    • What are Client Libraries and Metric Types
    • Exposing Metrics from Python app using Prometheus Client
    • Counter Metrics Exposition
    • Adding Labels to Exposed Metrics
    • Gauge Metrics Exposition
    • Summary Metrics Exposition
    • Histogram Metrics Exposition
    15-Quantification of Instrument
    • Why do you need to instrument?
    • What to Instrument?
    • How much to Instrument?
    16-Re-coding Rules
    • What are recording rules
    • Reload Prometheus Configurations on-the-fly
    • Writing Recording Rules
    • Writing Recording Rules continued
    • Add Multiple Rules
    • Best Practices for Recording Rules
    • What is Alerting?
    • Writing & Firing the first Alert
    • ‘for’ clause
    • Adding Labels to Alerts
    • Installing Alertmanager
    • Adding Alert Notifier – Gmail
    • Sending Alert Notifications – Gmail
    • Templating the Alerts
    18-Create Routing Tree for Alerts
    •  Why use routing tree?
    •  Write Alerting Rules for the Use Case
    • Coding the Routing Tree
    • Run the Routing Tree
    • Grouping the Alerts
    • Throttling the Alerts
    • Inhibiting the Alerts
    • Silencing the Alerts
    •  ‘continue’ clause
    19-Blackbox Exporter and Relabeling
    • What is Blackbox exporter
    • Download Blackbox exporter
    • ‘http’ probe module
    • tcp’ & ‘icmp’ probe module
    • ‘dns’ probe module
    • Scraping targets via Blackbox
    • Relabeling
    20- Push-gateway
    • Introduction to Push-gateway
    • Getting Started with Push-gateway
    • Push metrics to Push-gateway
    • Automate Pushing metrics using Cron job
    • App pushing metrics to Push-gateway
    • Push-gateway Pitfalls
    21- Service Discovery
    • Introduction to Service Discovery
    • Static Service Discovery
    •  File based service discovery
    22-Create custom exporters
    • Introduction
    • Creating Target application
    • Writing Custom Exporter
    23-Prometheus HTTP API
    • Running Prometheus with HTTP API

    Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on Grafana And Prometheus for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on Grafana And Prometheus are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.


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