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    Dynatrace-Performance Monitoring enables automation through automatic deployment, configuration, discovery, topology, performance, and updates.

    Dynatrace-Performance Monitoring Training in Bangalore Offered by Locus IT with 100% Hands-On Practical Classes with Best Industrial Experts. However, here’s a general outline of topics you might include in a Dynatrace training program:

    Module 1: Introduction to Dynatrace

    1.1. Overview of Dynatrace

    • What is Dynatrace?
    • Why is Dynatrace important for monitoring and performance optimization?

    1.2. Dynatrace Architecture

    • Understanding the components of Dynatrace
    • Deployment options (SaaS, Managed, etc.)
    Module 2: Getting Started with Dynatrace

    2.1. Setting Up Your Dynatrace Environment

    • Account creation and setup
    • Initial configuration and agent deployment

    2.2. Navigating the Dynatrace Interface

    • Overview of the Dynatrace dashboard
    • Key features and functionalities
    Module 3: Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

    3.1. Application Monitoring Basics

    • Instrumenting applications for monitoring
    • Understanding application dependencies

    3.2. Monitoring Transactions and User Experience

    • Transaction tracing
    • Real User Monitoring (RUM)
    Module 4: Infrastructure Monitoring

    4.1. Infrastructure and Host Monitoring

    • Monitoring servers
    • Metrics and alerts for infrastructure health
    Module 5: Advanced Monitoring and Analysis

    5.1. Dynatrace Metrics and Data Analysis

    • Metrics collection and analysis
    • Creating custom dashboards and reports

    5.2. AI-Driven Insights

    • Leveraging AI for anomaly detection and root cause analysis
    Module 6: Alerting and Notification

    6.1. Setting Up Alerts

    • Creating alerting profiles
    • Thresholds and notification channels
    Module 7: Dynatrace Best Practices

    7.1. Performance Optimization Strategies

    • Tips for optimizing application and infrastructure performance

    7.2. Security Best Practices

    • Securing your Dynatrace environment and data
    Module 8: Integrations

    8.1. Integrating Dynatrace with Other Tools

    • Integration with DevOps and IT management tools
    • API integrations
    Module 9: Scaling and Managing Dynatrace

    9.1. Scalability and High Availability

    • Scaling your Dynatrace deployment
    • Ensuring high availability
    Module 10: Troubleshooting and Support

    10.1. Common Issues and Troubleshooting – Identifying and resolving common problems

    10.2. Dynatrace Support Resources – Accessing support, documentation, and community resources

    Module 11: Use Case Specific Training (Optional)

    11.1. Use Case-Specific Training – Customized training based on your organization’s specific use cases and requirements

    Module 12: Certification (Optional)

    12.1. Dynatrace Certification – Preparation for DynatraceĀ  exams, if applicable

    Module 13: Conclusion and Recap

    13.1. Summary of Key Takeaways – Review of the main topics covered in the training program

    This outline provides a structured approach to learning about Dynatrace official Site, from the basics of setting up an environment to more advanced topics like AI-driven analysis and integration with other tools. Depending on your audience’s prior knowledge and your organization’s requirements, you can adapt and expand upon this curriculum as needed. Additionally, consider hands-on labs and practical exercises to reinforce the learning experience.

    Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on Dynatrace for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on Dynatrace are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.


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    Creating a comprehensive training curriculum for Dynatrace can vary depending on your specific needs and goals. However, here’s a general outline of topics you might include in a Dynatrace training program:


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