Dynatrace and ELK

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Course 1 : Dynatrace

    Module 1: Introduction to APM

    1.1 What is APM?
    1.2 Importance of APM in modern applications

    Module 2: Overview of Dynatrace

    2.1 History and evolution
    2.2 Key features and capabilities

    Module 3: Installation and Setup

    3.1 System requirements
    3.2 Installing Dynatrace components
    3.3 Configuring agents

    Module 4: Dynatrace User Interface

    4.1 Dashboard overview
    4.2 Navigating through the UI
    4.3 Customizing dashboards

    Module 5: Monitoring Applications

    5.1 Automatic application discovery
    5.2 Analyzing application performance
    5.3 Troubleshooting common issues

    Module 6: Alerts and Notifications

    6.1 Setting up alerts
    6.2 Notification configurations
    6.3 Best practices for alerting

    Course 2: ELKĀ 

    Module 1: Introduction to ELK Stack

    1.1 What is ELK?
    1.2 Overview of Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana

    Module 2: Installing ELK Stack

    2.1 System requirements
    2.2 Installing and configuring Elasticsearch
    2.3 Installing and configuring Logstash
    2.4 Installing and configuring Kibana

    Module 3: Elasticsearch Basics

    3.1 Indexing and searching
    3.2 Data types and mappings
    3.3 Aggregations and filtering

    Module 4: Logstash Essentials

    4.1 Logstash pipeline
    4.2 Input, filter, and output plugins
    4.3 Parsing and enriching log data

    Module 5: Kibana Visualization and Dashboards

    5.1 Creating visualizations
    5.2 Building dashboards
    5.3 Advanced Kibana features

    Module 6: Log Analysis and Troubleshooting

    6.1 Searching and analyzing logs
    6.2 Identifying patterns and anomalies
    6.3 Troubleshooting common issues


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