API Documentation

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Unit 1: Introduction to API Documentation
    Overview of API Documentation
    Importance of Well-Documented APIs
    Common Documentation Tools

    Unit 2: Planning API Documentation
    Understanding the Audience
    Defining Documentation Goals
    Documenting Key Use Cases

    Unit 3: Documenting API Endpoints
    Basics of API Endpoints
    Request and Response Documentation
    Handling Authentication
    Error Handling and Status Codes

    Unit 4: Documenting API Data Models
    Introduction to Data Models
    Documenting Request and Response Payloads
    Handling Data Validation

    Unit 5: Code Samples and Examples
    Importance of Code Samples
    Writing Clear and Concise Examples
    Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Unit 6: Interactive API Documentation
    Swagger and OpenAPI
    Generating Interactive API Documentation
    Exploring API Endpoints Interactively

    Unit 7: Versioning and Change Logs
    Managing API Versions
    Documenting Changes and Updates
    Maintaining a Change Log

    Unit 8: Best Practices for API Documentation
    Consistency in Documentation Style
    Providing Context and Use Cases
    Accessibility and User-Friendly Documentation

    Unit 9: Tools and Platforms
    Documentation Platforms Overview
    Choosing the Right Documentation Tools
    Integrating Documentation into Development Workflow


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