Health Care Management

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    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Health Care Management

    1.1 Overview of Health Care Management
    1.2 Historical Development of Healthcare Systems
    1.3 Current Trends and Challenges in Healthcare
    1.4 Role and Responsibilities of Health Care Managers

    Module 2: Healthcare Organizations and Structure

    2.1 Types of Healthcare Organizations
    2.2 Organizational Structure in Healthcare
    2.3 Governance and Leadership in Healthcare
    2.4 Interdisciplinary Collaboration

    Module 3: Healthcare Policy and Regulation

    3.1 Healthcare Policy Development
    3.2 Health Legislation and Regulations
    3.3 Impact of Health Policies on Healthcare Management
    3.4 Ethical Considerations in Healthcare

    Module 4: Financial Management in Healthcare

    4.1 Healthcare Financing Models
    4.2 Budgeting and Financial Planning
    4.3 Cost Control and Revenue Management
    4.4 Financial Reporting and Analysis in Healthcare

    Module 5: Human Resources Management in Healthcare

    5.1 Workforce Planning and Recruitment
    5.2 Employee Training and Development
    5.3 Performance Management in Healthcare
    5.4 Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

    Module 6: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

    6.1 Principles of Quality Improvement
    6.2 Patient-Centered Care
    6.3 Risk Management and Patient Safety
    6.4 Accreditation and Continuous Quality Improvement

    Module 7: Information Technology in Healthcare

    7.1 Health Information Systems
    7.2 Electronic Health Records (EHR)
    7.3 Data Security and Privacy in Healthcare
    7.4 Telemedicine and Digital Health

    Module 8: Strategic Planning and Marketing in Healthcare

    8.1 Strategic Management in Healthcare
    8.2 Marketing and Branding for Healthcare Organizations
    8.3 Community Engagement and Public Relations
    8.4 Innovation and Change Management

    Module 9: Global Health Management

    9.1 International Healthcare Systems
    9.2 Global Health Challenges and Solutions
    9.3 Cross-Cultural Competence in Healthcare
    9.4 Humanitarian and Disaster Management in Health



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