Duration: Hours

Prometheus collects data and metrics from different services and also stores them according to a unique identifier the metric name and a time stamp. It’s an open-source system for monitoring services and alerts based on a time series data model.

Training Mode: Online


1. Prometheus Introduction

a). Why is Monitoring important?

b). What should I be monitoring?

c). Which tools will suit my needs best?

d). Prometheus overview

e). Grafana overview

2. Getting started with Prometheus 

a). Pre-requisites

b). Installing & configuring Prometheus

3. Monitoring Fundamentals

a). What to monitor?

b). Node Exporter

c). StatsD Exporter

d). Graphite Exporter

e). Other popular community exporters

f). Push and Pull data collection

g). Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

h). Service Level Indicators (SLIs)

4. Setting up your Metrics

a). Instrumenting an application

b). Endpoints

c). Label Naming

d). Working with Time Series data

e). Querying with PromQL

f). Metric types:

g). Counters

h). Gauges

i). Histograms

j). Functions and Operators

k). Aggregation

l). Binary Operators

m). Functions

n). Monitoring Apps

o). Collectors

p). Self-destructing apps

q). Platform as a Service (PaaS)

r). Jobs and Instances

s). Service Discovery

5. Alerts

a). Defining Alerting rules

b). Templating

c). Alert notifications

d). Setting up and configuring Alertmanager with Prometheus

e). Grouping

f). Inhibition

g). Silences

h). Behaviour

6. Visualisation with Grafana

a). Installing and configuring Grafana to work with Prometheus

b). Create a Dashboard

c). Adding a metrics endpoint as a datasource

d). Securing user permissions and authentication

e). Publishing dashboards / snapshots


For more inputs on Prometheus you can connect here.
Contact the L&D Specialist at Locus IT.


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