Salesforce LWC

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Lightning Web Components

    Overview of LWC
    Benefits and features
    LWC architecture

    2 . Setting Up Development Environment

    Salesforce DX
    VS Code setup
    LWC project structure

    3 . Basic LWC Concepts

    HTML Templates
    JavaScript Controllers
    CSS Styling

    4 . Data Binding and Properties

    One-way and Two-way binding
    Property communication
    Reactive properties

    5 . Handling Events

    Standard DOM events
    Custom events in LWC

    6 . Conditional Rendering

    If-else conditions
    Switch statements
    Iterating over lists

    7 . Apex Integration

    Calling Apex methods
    Wire service for data retrieval

    8 . Lightning Data Service

    Working with record forms
    Record data manipulation

    7 . Navigation in LWC

    Navigation concepts
    Using Navigation Service

    8 . Styling and Theming

    CSS styling in LWC
    Theming options

    9 . LWC Best Practices

    Code organization
    Performance considerations
    Testing strategies

    10 . LWC Deployment

    Deploying to different environments
    Version control and Git

    11 . Advanced LWC Concepts

    Dynamic components
    Lightning Message Service
    LWC with Aura components

    12 . Building a Complete LWC App

    Real-world project example
    Putting it all together