D365- Sales, Marketing, Customer Service & CRM

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Dynamics 365

    Overview of Dynamics 365
    Importance of CRM in Business

    UNIT 2 : Dynamics 365 Sales

    Introduction to Sales Module
    Managing Leads and Opportunities
    Sales Process Automation

    UNIT 3 : Dynamics 365 Marketing

    Overview of Marketing Module
    Creating and Managing Marketing Campaigns
    Marketing Automation

    UNIT 4 : Dynamics 365 Customer Service

    Introduction to Customer Service Module
    Case Management and Resolution
    Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    UNIT 5 : Dynamics 365 CRM

    Understanding CRM Concepts
    Data Management in CRM
    Customization and Configuration

    UNIT 6 : Integration with Other Systems

    Integrating D365 with Other Business Systems
    Data Exchange and Synchronization

    UNIT 7 : User Training and Adoption

    Training End Users on D365
    Strategies for Successful User Adoption

    UNIT 8 : Reporting and Analytics in D365

    Generating Reports and Dashboards
    Monitoring Performance Metrics

    UNIT 9 : Security and Compliance in D365

    Ensuring Data Security in D365
    Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Requirements

    UNIT 10 : Customization and Extensibility

    Customizing D365 to Meet Business Requirements
    Extensions and Add-ons


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