Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Salesforce Commerce Cloud

    Overview of e-commerce
    Introduction to Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform

    2 . Setting Up Your Environment

    Creating a developer account
    Accessing the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager

    3  . Data Modeling and Architecture

    Understanding data models
    Designing an e-commerce architecture

    4 . Catalog Management

    Adding and managing products
    Configuring categories and catalogs

    5 . Price and Inventory Management

    Setting up pricing rules
    Managing inventory

    6 . Business Manager

    Exploring the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Manager
    Customizing Business Manager settings

    7 . Storefront Design and Development

    Creating and customizing storefronts
    Implementing design elements

    8 . Order Management

    Managing customer orders
    Configuring order workflows

    9 . Promotions and Discounts

    Creating and managing promotions
    Implementing discounts

    10 . Integrations

    Integrating with third-party systems
    Implementing API integrations

    11 . Analytics and Reporting

    Monitoring and analyzing e-commerce data
    Generating reports

    12 . Security and Compliance

    Ensuring the security of customer data
    Compliance with regulations


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