Exstream or Quadient

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Exstream Course Table of Contents:

    Module 1: Introduction to Exstream
    Overview of Exstream
    Key features and capabilities
    Understanding the user interface

    Module 2: Designing Documents
    Creating and editing document templates
    Adding text, images, and other elements
    Formatting options and styles

    Module 3: Data Integration
    Connecting to data sources
    Data mapping and variable insertion
    Using conditional logic

    Module 4: Output Generation
    Configuring output formats (print, email, web)
    Previewing and testing documents
    Batch processing and automation

    Module 5: Advanced Features
    Dynamic content and personalization
    Rules and scripting
    Integration with other systems

    Module 6: Troubleshooting and Optimization
    Common issues and solutions
    Performance optimization tips
    Debugging techniques

    Quadient Course Table of Contents :

    Module 1: Introduction to Quadient
    Overview of Quadient
    Product suite and solutions
    Understanding the user interface

    Module 2: Designing Customer Communications
    Creating and customizing templates
    Document composition best practices
    Managing document layouts

    Module 3: Data Management
    Data integration and connectivity
    Data mapping and transformation
    Variable data insertion

    Module 4: Output and Distribution
    Configuring output channels (print, email, digital)
    Batch processing and automation
    Document delivery options

    Module 5: Workflow Automation
    Designing and implementing automated workflows
    Process optimization and efficiency
    Integration with other business systems

    Module 6: Administration and Maintenance
    User management and permissions
    System configuration and settings
    Monitoring and troubleshooting


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