Salesforce Development

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Lightning Web Components

    Overview of LWC
    Benefits and features
    Setting up the development environment

    2 . Getting Started with LWC

    Creating your first Lightning Web Component
    Understanding the component structure
    HTML Templates and CSS Styling

    3 . JavaScript in LWC

    Basics of JavaScript in LWC
    Handling events
    Working with data in LWC

    4 . Apex Integration

    Making server-side calls with Apex
    Passing data between LWC and Apex

    5 . Lightning Data Service

    Introduction to Lightning Data Service (LDS)
    Using LDS to interact with Salesforce data

    6 . Component Communication

    Communication between components
    Using events for parent-child communication

    7 . Lightning App Builder

    Building Lightning pages with LWC
    Customizing page layouts

    8 . Styling and Theming

    Styling LWC components
    Theming in Lightning Experience

    9 . Debugging and Testing

    Debugging LWC components
    Writing unit tests for LWC

    10 . Best Practices

    Coding best practices
    Performance optimization tips

    11 .  Deployment and Version Control

    Deploying LWC components
    Using version control with Salesforce projects


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