SAP Sales and Service Cloud

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to SAP Sales & Service Cloud

    1.1 Overview of SAP Sales & Service Cloud
    1.2 Importance in Business Processes

    Getting Started with SAP Sales & Service Cloud

    2.1 System Requirements
    2.2 Installation and Setup
    2.3 User Interface Overview

    Sales Module

    3.1 Sales Processes in SAP
    3.2 Lead Management
    3.3 Opportunity Management
    3.4 Quotation Management
    3.5 Order Management

    Service Module

    4.1 Service Processes in SAP
    4.2 Ticket Management
    4.3 Service Request Handling
    4.4 Service Level Agreements (SLA)

    Integration with Other SAP Modules

    5.1 Integration with SAP ERP
    5.2 Integration with SAP S/4HANA
    5.3 Data Exchange and Communication

    Reporting and Analytics

    6.1 Overview of Reporting Tools
    6.2 Creating Custom Reports
    6.3 Analytics and Business Intelligence

    User Administration and Security

    7.1 User Roles and Permissions
    7.2 Security Best Practices
    7.3 User Access Management

    Customization and Configuration

    8.1 Customizing Sales Processes
    8.2 Configuring Service Workflows
    8.3 Personalization Options


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