Certified Sugar CRM Solution Architect Professional

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    Sugar CRM is the world’s largest open source CRM software and execute marketing programs,grow sales, retain customers,etc,.

    1: CRM Project Fundamentals

    a). Demonstrate knowledge of CRM business benefits

    b). Describe a typical CRM implementation life cycle

    2: Sugar Platform

    a). Describe the Sugar application architecture

    b). Demonstrate the knowledge of the components that are critical for integration

    c). Describe data modeling capabilities in Sugar

    d). Demonstrate the knowledge of the components used to optimize the user experience

    3: Sugar CRM Design

    a). Demonstrate the knowledge how to design a production architecture based on business requirements

    4: Integration

    a). Demonstrate the knowledge of applying patterns for integrating Sugar with Web service enabled applications

    b). Describe integrating Sugar with common enterprise applications

    c). Demonstrate the knowledge of how to apply the Sugar REST API

    d). Describe how middle ware can be used to connect Sugar to the external systems

    e). Describe patterns for integrating with legacy applications

    5: Sugar Implementation

    a). Demonstrate knowledge of how to implement Sugar to satisfy the customer requirements

    b). Describe how to apply the Sugar extension framework

    c). Describe the development methodology for Sugar

    6: Quality Assurance

    a). Describe the testing methodology for Sugar

    b). Demonstrate the knowledge of how to optimize a Sugar deployment

    7: Deployment

    a). Describe the Components of a Sugar Deployment

    b). Describe the various Configurations for Deploying Sugar

    c). Demonstrate the knowledge of solution sizing based on Customer Requirements

    d). Describe the methods for Migrating code changes from development through production

    8: Security

    a). Describe how to handle common Compliance Policies

    b). Describe how to Customize the Sugar Visibility model

    c). Demonstrate knowledge of using Sugar Authentication


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    SugarCRM is the world’s largest open source CRM (customer relationship management) software. Founded in 2004, over 7,000 customers and more than half a million users rely on SugarCRM to execute marketing programs, grow sales, retain customers, and create custom business applications.


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