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    This page provides information on how to attain this certification. It includes a description of the exam, study materials, step-by-step instructions on the certification process, and how to renew your certification.

    New study resources available:

    The Exam Prep Guide provides a tailored path through your certification exam prep process, including the in-depth study materials you’ll need to be successful in attaining this certification. If you are prompted to log in to the Exam Prep Guide, use your Adobe ID.

    Exam Description:

    Learn who should take this exam, what experience is recommended, and what subjects are covered on the exam.

    Exam details:

    1. Level: Professional (0-12 months’ experience)
    2. Passing Score: 31/50
    3. Time: 100 mins
    4. Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)
    5. Available languages: English
    6. Cost: $125 (global) / $95 (India)
    7. Exam ID: AD0-E212

    Intended audience:

    1. Digital marketers
    2. Business analysts
    3. Business consultants
    4. Data analysts
    5. Web analysts
    6. Digital analysts
    7. Media/marketing analysts
    8. Product owners and managers
    9. UI analysts
    10. Conversion/optimization specialists

    Minimum experience:

    You should have a minimum of 3 months of experience in Adobe Analytics and the following experience:

    1. A marketing background or come from a marketing role but can come from a variety of job roles.
    2. A basic familiarity with digital analytics metrics and dimensions.
    3. The ability to use Analytics to build reports answer business questions, and communicate the results.
    4. An understanding of basic digital analytics concepts like segmentation, report building, and standard metric definitions.

    Exam objectives and scope:

    This section provides information on the exam content.

    Section 1: Business analysis (34%)

    1. Given a business need/question, identify an appropriate reporting strategy to perform an analysis
    2. Analyze data to answer business questions
    3. Identify conversion funnels (as a concept to understand business analysis)
    4. Consult the Solution Design Reference (SDR) to determine what data is available in reports
    5. Analyze report data to summarize and draw conclusions
    6. Recognize outliers and anomalies in reports

    Section 2: Reporting and dashboarding for projects (38%)

    1. Consider the advantages of using specific visualizations based on a given scenario
    2. Compare fallout and flow visualization
    3. Apply the process to schedule and share Projects for different users and/or groups
    4. Apply the process to look up and combine dimensions, metrics, date ranges, and segments
    5. Apply the process to create a visualization
    6. Given a scenario, determine the appropriate item to use
    7. Report on marketing campaign performance

    Section 3: Segmentation and calculated metrics (19%)

    1. Determine how to develop and configure basic segments using best practices
    2. Apply the process to share segments with others in the organization
    3. Apply segments to Projects and Components
    4. Apply the process to generate basic calculated and/or segmented metrics

    Section 4: General tool knowledge and troubleshooting (9%)

    1. Understand different types of dimensions and parameters existing in Adobe Analytics (ears, props, and events)
    2. Determine how to export data from Adobe Analytics


    1. ACE
    2. Adobe Analytics
    3. Adobe Certified Expert
    4. Adobe Experience Platform Launch
    5. Analytics
    6. Analytics Business Analyst
    7. Analytics Reporting
    8. Digital Marketing

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