Nokia FlowOne

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Nokia FlowOne:

    Overview of Nokia FlowOne
    Evolution of network management systems
    Key features and capabilities

    2 . Architecture and Components:

    Understanding the architecture of Nokia FlowOne
    Overview of various components and their roles
    Integration with existing network infrastructure

    3 . Installation and Configuration:

    System requirements and prerequisites
    Installation procedures for Nokia FlowOne
    Configuration settings and best practices

    4 . User Interface and Navigation:

    Overview of the Nokia FlowOne user interface
    Navigating through different modules and sections
    Customization options for user preferences

    5 . Service Orchestration:

    Concepts of service orchestration in Nokia FlowOne
    Creating and managing service templates
    Automation and workflow processes

    6  . Network Provisioning and Management:

    Provisioning and managing network resources
    Network inventory management
    Troubleshooting and diagnostics

    7 . Integration and APIs:

    Integration with other Nokia products and third-party systems
    Working with APIs for automation and data exchange
    Data synchronization and interoperability

    8 . Security and Access Control:

    Implementing security measures in Nokia FlowOne
    User authentication and access control
    Auditing and monitoring


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