Angular Fundamentals and TypeScript

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    Angular is a modern framework built entirely in TypeScript, and as a result, using TypeScript with Angular provides a seamless experience.

    Course Content 


    • Benefits of Building using Angular
    • Understanding Angular Versions
    • Single-page Web Application Architectures vs. Traditional Server-side Web Application Architectures
    • Angular Style Guide
    • Angular Architecture
    • What’s New in Angular
    • Upgrading to Angular from earlier versions of Angular 8

    2-TypeScript and ECMAScript 6 (ES6) Fundamentals     

    • Classes
    • ES Modules
    • Arrow Functions
    • Template Literals
    • Scoping using let, var, and const Keywords
    • Spread Syntax and Rest Parameters
    • Destructuring
    • Static Type Annotations
    • Decorators

    3-Angular Basics

    • Components
    • Templates: Inline, Multi-line, and External with Component-relative Paths
    • Angular Modules (NgModule)
    • Angular Modules vs. ES Modules

    4-Data Binding

    • Interpolation
    • Property binding
    • Event binding
    • Two-way data binding


    • Structural: ngFor, ngIf, ngSwitch
    • Attribute: ngClass, ngStyle


    • Component Life cycle Hooks
    • Component Communication using @Input, @Output
    • Component Styles

    7-Template-driven Forms

    • NgSubmit Directive
    • Forms Module
    • NgForm, NgModel Directives
    • Validation Directives

    8-Services & Dependency Injection

    • Understanding Dependency Injection
    • Angular’s Dependency Injection System
    • Registering
    • Injecting
    • Hierarchical Injection

    9-Communicating with the Server using the HttpClient Service

    • Deciding between Promises or Observable (RxJS)
    • Making an HTTP GET Request
    • Sending data to the server using Http POST and PUT Requests
    • Issuing an Http DELETE Request
    • Intercepting Requests and Responses


    • Importing the Router Module and Routes
    • Configuring Routes
    • Displaying Components using a Router Outlet
    • Navigating declarative with Router Link
    • Navigating with code using the Router
    • Accessing parameters using Activated Route
    • Organizing your code into Modules
    • Nested or Child Routes

    11-Pipes  Built-in Pipes

    • Using, Passing Parameters, Chaining
    • Creating a custom Pipe using Pipe Transform
    • Creating a custom Pipe using Pipe Transform

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