Knockout JS

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Knockout.js:

    What is Knockout.js?
    Why use Knockout.js?
    Key features and benefits.

    2 . Getting Started:

    Setting up a development environment.
    Downloading and including Knockout.js in a project.
    Basic structure of a Knockout.js application.

    3 . Observables:

    Understanding observables.
    Creating and using observables.
    Computed observables.

    4 . Bindings:

    Introduction to data bindings.
    Text binding.
    Value binding.
    Control flow bindings (if, foreach).

    5 . View Models:

    Creating view models.
    Connecting view models with the UI.
    Two-way data binding.

    6 . Templates:

    Using templates to organize code.
    Template binding.

    7 . Working with Forms:

    Binding form elements.
    Form validation with Knockout.js.

    8 . Dependency Tracking:

    Understanding how Knockout.js handles dependencies.
    Managing complex data relationships.

    9 . Custom Bindings:

    Creating custom bindings.
    Extending the functionality of Knockout.js.

    10 . Advanced Topics:

    Working with AJAX and Knockout.js.
    Integrating third-party libraries.
    Debugging and optimizing Knockout.js applications.

    11 . Testing and Debugging:

    Unit testing Knockout.js applications.
    Debugging techniques.


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