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    In this module we will learn what typescript is and what the benefits of typescript are over other scripting languages. We can also learn how to install and setup the environment and how we can create our first example using typescript.

    1.What is TypeScript?
    2.Benefits of TypeScript:
    3.Setup the Environment
    4.First TypeScript Example

    Data Types and Variables

    In this module we will learn what the datatypes that are used in typescript are, and we will introduce into a new data type let.

    1. Basic Data Types
    2. Arrays
    3. Tuples
    4. Enum
    5. Any and void null and undefined
    6. Type Inference
    7. Type Casting
    8. Difference between let and var
    9. Const declaration

    Destructuring & Spread

    In this module we will learn how to extract the data from objects and arrays in a convenient way using destructuring and we can learn how to break arrays and objects into components using spreads.

    1. Array Destructuring
    2. Object Destructuring
    3. Mixed Destructuring
    4. Property renaming
    5. Default Values
    6. Spreads

    Working with Classes

    In this module we will learn how to write classes and how to create objects for our classes like we do in other programming languages like java, C# etc. And we can also learn how we can fulfil OOPS concepts using typescript.

    1. Writing and Using Classes
    2. Constructor method
    3. Inheritance of classes
    4. Type casting
    5. Type Assertion
    6. Static Properties
    7. Abstract class

    Working with Interfaces

    In this module we will learn how to work with interfaces in typescript.

    1. Interface Declaration and Initialization with an object
    2. Duck Typing
    3. Interface Implementation by class
    4. Interface having Optional Property
    5. Class extending another class and also implementing an Interface
    6. Excess Property Checks
    7. Indexable Types
    8. Extending Interfaces


    In this module we will learn what are generics, when to use them and how to create generics using typescript. And its wide range of usage over all the OOPS concepts

    1. When to Use Generic Functions
    2. Generic Types
    3. Generic Interface
    4. Generic Classes
    5. Generic Constraints
    6. Using Type Parameters in Generic Constraint

    Modules and Namespaces

    In this module we will learn how to export and import between module. And how can we group the required modules into a namespace.

    1. Export Syntax
    2. Import Syntax
    3. Re-export
    4. Default exports
    5. Using require()
    6. Declaring and Using Namespaces


    In this module we will learn how to make use of our javascript functions with typescript.

    1. Definition
    2. Syntax
    3. Examples

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    TypeScript is a programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript and adds optional static typing to the language. It is designed for the development of large applications and transpiles to JavaScript.