Test Automation

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to Test Automation

    1.1 Overview of Test Automation
    1.2 Importance of Test Automation
    1.3 When to Automate Testing

    Test Automation Tools

    2.1 Introduction to Test Automation Tools
    2.2 Popular Test Automation Tools
    2.3 Criteria for Tool Selection

    Setting Up the Test Automation Environment

    3.1 Environment Requirements
    3.2 Installing and Configuring Test Automation Tools
    3.3 Creating a Test Automation Framework

    Basics of Programming for Test Automation

    4.1 Introduction to Programming Languages
    4.2 Programming Constructs for Test Automation
    4.3 Data Types and Variables

    Automated Testing Life Cycle

    5.1 Planning Automated Tests
    5.2 Designing Automated Tests
    5.3 Implementing Automated Tests
    5.4 Executing Automated Tests
    5.5 Analyzing Automated Test Results

    Web Application Automation

    6.1 Introduction to Web Application Automation
    6.2 Selectors and Locators
    6.3 Interacting with Web Elements
    6.4 Handling Dynamic Content

    Mobile Application Automation

    7.1 Overview of Mobile Application Automation
    7.2 Mobile Testing Tools
    7.3 Mobile Application Automation Best Practices

    API Testing Automation

    8.1 Understanding APIs
    8.2 Basics of API Testing
    8.3 API Automation Tools

    Data-Driven Testing

    9.1 Introduction to Data-Driven Testing
    9.2 Data Sources for Test Automation
    9.3 Implementing Data-Driven Tests

    Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing

    10.1 CI/CD Overview
    10.2 Integrating Test Automation into CI/CD Pipelines
    10.3 Best Practices for Continuous Testing


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