Campus to Corporate Program

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Corporate Culture
    Overview of Corporate Environment
    Understanding Organizational Structure
    Importance of Professionalism

    Module 2: Communication Skills
    Effective Written Communication
    Verbal Communication in a Corporate Setting
    Professional Email Etiquette

    Module 3: Time Management and Productivity
    Setting Goals and Prioritizing Tasks
    Time Management Techniques
    Dealing with Procrastination

    Module 4: Professional Networking
    Building and Maintaining Professional Relationships
    Leveraging Social Media for Networking
    Attending Networking Events

    Module 5: Business Etiquette
    Corporate Dress Code and Appearance
    Office Etiquette and Manners
    Dining Etiquette

    Module 6: Resume Building and Interview Skills
    Crafting an Effective Resume
    Preparing for Job Interviews
    Behavioral Interview Techniques

    Module 7: Workplace Ethics
    Understanding Ethical Dilemmas
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Ethical Decision-Making

    Module 8: Project Management Basics
    Introduction to Project Management
    Team Collaboration and Coordination
    Meeting Deadlines and Milestones

    Module 9: Conflict Resolution and Teamwork
    Resolving Workplace Conflicts
    Building and Managing Effective Teams
    Team Collaboration Strategies

    Module 10: Professional Development
    Continuous Learning in the Workplace
    Setting Career Goals
    Creating a Professional Development Plan

    Module 11: Financial Literacy
    Basics of Personal Finance
    Understanding Employee Benefits
    Financial Planning for the Future

    Module 12: Transitioning Successfully
    Strategies for a Smooth Transition
    Adapting to Corporate Culture
    Navigating the First Few Months


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