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Training Mode: Online


Jira is a software testing tool developed by an Australian company. It is a bug tracking tool used to track the issues and bugs related to your software.
Atlassian Jira uses :  It helps teams plan and assign and track and report and manage work and brings teams together for everything from agile software development and customer support to start-ups and enterprises. Software teams build better with Jira Software.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand concepts and basic constructs of Jira Software.
  2. Learn how it is used as an issue and progress tracker for different methodologies
  3. Learn to use it for tracking stories, managing epics, stories, tasks through boards and projects
  4. Learn to create and manage reports and dashboards
  5. Understand features of Jira for Scrum and Kanban projects
  6. Learn how to manage sprints.

JIRA Software Basics :

  1. Concepts and Constructs
  2. Creating Jira Classic Project using Scrum Template
  3. Issue Management Activities
  4. Working with Scrum default issue types – The Requirement Hierarchy in Jira
  5. Epic, Story, Task, Bug, Sub-Task
  6. Creating, Editing, Commenting, Linking, Sharing, Voting, Watching, Moving, Cloning, Time tracking/Logging work, Deleting Issues
  8. Searching Issues in the Project (Issue Navigator, Basic Search and Advanced Search)
  9. JQL
  10. JQL functions
  11. Creating and Managing Filters

Managing Scrum Project :

  1. Managing Sprints
  2. Managing Backlog, Creating, Starting Sprint
  3. Maintaining Active Sprint
  4. Maintaining Multiple Sprints in a Single Project
  5. Completing Sprint(s)
  6. Agile Scrum Board and Configuration
  7. Creating and Managing Custom Board
  8. Scrum Reports
  9. Agile Reports – Burn Down, Burn Up, Sprint, Velocity, Epic, Version, Epic Burn Down, Release Burn Down.
  10. Issue Analysis Reports – Average Age, Created vs Resolved, Pie Chart, Recently Created, Resolution Time, Single Level Group By, Time Since Issues.
  11. Forecast & Management – Time Tracking, User Workload, Version Workload

Managing Kanban Project :

  1. Understanding how Lean and Kanban work(optional)
  2. Creating a Jira Project using the Kanban Template
  3. Working with default issue types – Epic, Story, Task, Bug, Sub-Task
  4. Issue Management in the Kanban Project
  5. Exercise
  6. Kanban default workflow
  7. Managing Kanban Board
  8. Board Configuration – General Configuration
  9. Board Permissions
  10. Managing Columns, Swimlanes
  11. Other configurations in the Kanban Board
  12. Kanban Reports
  13. Dashboards and their Management
  14. Gadgets and their Management, Managing Wallboards

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Locus Academy has more than a decade of experience in delivering training/staffing on ATLASSIAN JIRA for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on ATLASSIAN JIRA  are delighted and can implement the learnings in their ongoing projects.


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Jira is a software testing tool developed by an Australian company, i.e., Atlassian. It is a bug tracking tool used to track the issues and bugs related to your software and Mobile apps.