PMI ACP Training Certification

Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online


The PMI-ACP training empowers you to become a skilled agile professional with knowledge of a broad range of agile methodologies.
PMI ACP Course : ACP is an acronym of Agile Certified Practitioner. This certification is provided by Project Management Institute PMI and hence it is PMI-ACP. ACP Certification carries a high level of professional integrity as it is a combination of agile training working on Agile projects and examining Agile fundamentals and tools.
About PMI-ACP® Certification :
  1. About PMI®
  2. PMI-ACP® Certification Curriculum and Process

Introduction to Agile :

  1. What is agile
  2. Differences between Agile and frameworks
  3. How Agile works
  4. Success stories with Agile
  5. Business benefits observed
  6. Agile Life Cycle

Agile Foundation :

  1. Agile Manifesto
  2. Agile Principles
  3.  XP Principles
  4. Lean Principles

Introduction to Scrum

  1. Scrum Characteristics
  2. Scrum @ 50k Feet
  3. Drilling down from Vision to Stories
  4. Using Velocity to Predict Project Performance
  5. Budgeting for Scrum Projects
  6. Using Scrum for Product Development

Soft Skills for Agile

Scrum Framework Roles

  1. Product Owner
  2. Scrum Master
  3. Team
  4. Sprint Planning
  5. Planning Poker
  6. Affinity Estimation
  7. Sprint review
  8. Sprint Retrospective
  9. Daily scrum

Framework Artifacts

  1. Product backlog
  2. User Stories
  3. Sprint backlog
  4. Burn-down and Burn-up charts

Scalability of Scrum

  1. Factors in scaling
  2. Scrum of scrums

Communication in Agile projects

  1. Stakeholder Management
  2. Agile Project Charter
  3. Communication Techniques

Risk management in Agile projects

  1. Risk management in Agile
  2. Common Risks in Agile Projects
  3. Spike Stories

Metrics and Quality

  1. Defect metrics
  2. Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  3. EVM for Agile
  4. Velocity
  5. Metrics to avoid

Introduction to XP

  1. XP Roles
  2. XP Practices

Lean and Kanban

  1. Lean Principles
  2. Value Stream Mapping
  3. Fundamentals of Kanban

Adopting Agile

  1. Agile readiness assessment
  2. The road-map to Agile
  3. Outsourcing scenarios with Agile

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Contact the L&D specialist at Locus IT

Locus Academy has more than a decade experience in delivering the training/staffing on PMI ACP for corporates across the globe. The participants for the training/staffing on PMI ACP are extremely satisfied and are able to implement the learnings in their on going projects.


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The PMI-ACP training empowers you to become a skilled agile professional with knowledge of a broad range of agile methodologies.