Advanced Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Training

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    Training Mode: Online


    Advanced Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Training with Dotnet WCF Framework takes participants through an intensive journey of mastering the intricacies and advanced functionalities of the .NET WCF Framework.

    Firstly, tailored for seasoned developers and architects, this comprehensive course delves deep into the architecture, design patterns, and practical implementation strategies essential for building robust, scalable, and secure distributed systems using WCF.

    Through hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and expert guidance, participants will gain a profound understanding of advanced service contracts, and also the instance management techniques, concurrency control mechanisms, security implementations and transaction management, extensibility through custom behaviors, performance optimization strategies, fault handling, interoperability challenges, and advanced hosting and deployment scenarios.

    Therefore a strong emphasis on practical application and best practices, this training equips participants with the skills and confidence to tackle complex challenges and architect sophisticated, high-performance distributed systems with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the .NET WCF Framework.

    Table of contents

    1 . Introduction to WCF Framework

    1.1 Overview of Windows Communication Foundation
    1.2 Key Concepts and Architecture

    2 . Advanced WCF Features

    2.1 Message Exchange Patterns (MEPs)
    2.2 Transactions in WCF
    2.3 Security in WCF
    2.4 Fault Handling and Error Management
    2.5 Throttling and Instance Management

    3 . Extensibility in WCF

    3.1 Custom Bindings and Behaviors
    3.2 Extending WCF Runtime
    3.3 Message Inspectors and Interceptors

    4 . Concurrency and Scalability

    4.1 Concurrency Modes in WCF Framework
    4.2 Scalability Best Practices

    5 . WCF Data Contracts and Serialization

    5.1 Data Contracts and Data Members
    5.2 Versioning and Compatibility
    5.3 Serialization Options in WCF

    6 . WCF Routing

    6.1 Overview of WCF Routing
    6.2 Routing Configuration and Rules

    7 . RESTful Services with WCF Framework

    7.1 Building RESTful Services in WCF
    7.2 UriTemplate and WebGet/WebInvoke Attributes

    8 . Testing and Debugging WCF Services

    8.1 Unit Testing WCF Services
    8.2 Debugging Techniques

    9 . Performance Optimization in WCF

    9.1 WCF Performance Considerations
    9.2 Improving Throughput and Latency

    10 . Monitoring and Diagnostics

    10.1 WCF Tracing and Message Logging
    10.2 Performance Counters for WCF framework

    11 . Integration with Other Technologies

    11.1 WCF and Entity Framework Integration
    11.2 WCF and ASP.NET Integration

    12 . Best Practices and Patterns

    12.1 Design Patterns for WCF framework
    12.2 Coding Standards and Best Practices


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