C & C++

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    C++ is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that is viewed by many as the best language for creating large-scale applications.

    1.Introduction to computers 

    • NP, P problems

    1.Turing machines

    • Assembly programming

    2.compiler intrinsic

    • Calling conventions of functions
    • Understand basic computer memory, linear address, physical address
    • Arrays and pointers
    • style file handling
    • Environment variables
    • Assignment:

    1.Make a simple car racing game using console

    2.Use console colors

    3.Use file handling to maintain top 5 scores

    2.Data structures 

    • pre-processors
    • Bit operators
    • Link list
    • introduction to vector
    • Assignment

    1.Create a DLL or SO file

    2.consume that dll using LoadLibrary or dlopen


    • nQueen problem
    • tower of Hanoi
    • find the island
    • introduction to SFML graphics library (optional)
    • Assignment

    1.make candy crush , use console/SFML graphics


    • Constructor / Destructor
    • custom new/delete
    • reference counting, weak_ptr shared_ptr
    • introduction to trees



    • Assignment

    1.Make Nokia snake game


    •     tree rotations, deletions
    •     virtual mechanism

    6.Design patterns and introduction to threads

    • Win32 and POSIX threads

    1.STL threads

    2.Introduction to mutex and spin locks

    • OpenMP (introduction only)
    • Singleton
    • observer
    • abstract class factory
    • Composite

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    C is a function driven language because C is a procedural programming language. C++ is an object driven language because it is an object oriented programming. Function and operator overloading is not supported in C. Function and operator overloading is supported by C++ .