Microsoft Intunes

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    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT I. Introduction to Microsoft Intune
    A. Overview of Mobile Device Management (MDM)
    B. Key Features and Benefits of Microsoft Intune
    C. Understanding the Intune Dashboard

    UNIT II. Setting Up Microsoft Intune
    A. Subscription and Licensing
    B. Tenant Configuration
    C. User and Group Management

    UNIT III. Device Enrollment
    A. Configuring Device Enrollment Profiles
    B. Implementing Autopilot for Windows 10
    C. iOS and Android Device Enrollment

    UNIT IV. Application Management
    A. Deploying and Managing Applications
    B. App Protection Policies
    C. Integration with Microsoft Store for Business

    UNIT V. Security Policies and Compliance
    A. Conditional Access Policies
    B. Compliance Policies
    C. Threat Protection with Microsoft Intune

    UNIT VI. Endpoint Protection
    A. Antivirus and Malware Protection
    B. Configuring Firewall Policies
    C. Endpoint Security Best Practices

    UNIT VII. Mobile Application Management (MAM)
    A. Securing Corporate Data in Mobile Apps
    B. Controlling Access to Corporate Resources
    C. App Configuration Policies

    UNIT VIII. Monitoring and Reporting
    A. Logging and Auditing in Microsoft Intune
    B. Creating Custom Reports
    C. Monitoring Endpoint Security and Compliance

    UNIT IX. Troubleshooting and Support
    A. Common Issues and Solutions
    B. Microsoft Intune Support Resources
    C. Community Forums and Knowledge Base



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