MS Dynamics Lifecyle Services

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    Module 1: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services

    Overview of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services
    Purpose and benefits of using LCS
    Key features and functionalities

    Module 2: Project Management in LCS

    Setting up a new project
    Project planning and tracking
    Collaboration and communication tools in LCS

    Module 3: Environment Management

    Creating and managing environments
    Deploying and configuring environments
    Best practices for environment management

    Module 4: Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in LCS

    Source code and version control
    Build and release management
    Code deployment and release pipelines

    Module 5: Data Migration with LCS

    Planning and executing data migrations
    Data import/export tools in LCS
    Data migration best practices

    Module 6: Monitoring and Optimization

    Monitoring system performance
    Troubleshooting and issue resolution
    Performance optimization strategies

    Module 7: LCS Security and Compliance

    Security features in LCS
    Compliance and regulatory considerations
    Data protection and privacy in LCS

    Module 8: Updates and Upgrades

    Managing updates and patches
    Upgrade planning and execution
    Regression testing and validation


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