D365FO Functional Training

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

    Overview of D365FO
    Key Features and Capabilities

    UNIT 2 :  Navigation and User Interface

    Navigating the D365FO System
    User Interface Elements

    UNIT 3 : Core Modules Overview

    Financial Management
    Supply Chain Management
    Human Resources

    UNIT 4 : Data Management and Configuration

    Setting up and Configuring D365FO
    Data Import and Export

    UNIT 5 : Master Data Management

    Managing Customers and Vendors
    Product and Item Management

    UNIT 6 : Transaction Processing

    Purchase Orders and Sales Orders
    Invoices and Payments

    UNIT 7 : Financial Reporting and Analysis

    Financial Statements
    Reporting Tools in D365FO

    UNIT 8 : Workflow and Automation

    Implementing Workflows
    Automation Features

    UNIT 9 : Security and Role-based Access

    User Roles and Permissions
    Security Policies

    UNIT 10 : Integration with Other Systems

    Integrating D365FO with Other Applications
    Data Exchange and Integration

    UNIT 11 : Customization and Extensibility

    Customizing Forms and Views
    Extensions and Development

    UNIT 10 : User Training and Support

    End-User Training
    Support and Troubleshooting


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