MS Dynamics AX-2012

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    1 . Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

    Overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX
    Key features and benefits

    2 . Navigation and User Interface

    Navigating the AX 2012 interface
    Personalization and customization options

    3 . Data Setup and Configuration

    Setting up basic company information
    Configuring parameters and settings

    4 . Master Data Management

    Creating and managing customer records
    Vendor management
    Product and item setup

    5 . Sales and Marketing

    Sales order processing
    Marketing campaigns and lead management

    6 . Purchase and Procurement

    Purchase order processing
    Vendor collaboration and management

    7 . Inventory Management

    Managing product and inventory information
    Warehouse management

    8 . Production Control

    Bill of materials (BOM) management
    Production order processing

    9 . Human Resources and Payroll

    Employee records and management
    Payroll setup and processing

    10 . Financial Management

    General ledger setup and processing
    Accounts payable and receivable

    11 . Workflow and Approval Processes

    Configuring and using workflows
    Approval hierarchies

    12 . Business Intelligence and Reporting

    Reporting tools in AX 2012
    Creating and customizing reports

    13 . Security and Access Control

    User roles and permissions
    Data security and access control

    14 . Integration and Data Migration

    Integrating with other systems
    Data migration strategies


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