D365 Finance and Operation

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online



    UNIT 1 : Introduction to Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

    Overview of Dynamics 365 F&O
    Key features and capabilities

    UNIT 2 : System Architecture and Components

    Understanding the architecture of D365 F&O
    Overview of key components and modules

    UNIT 3 : Installation and Configuration

    System requirements
    Installation and configuration steps

    UNIT 4 : Security and Role-based Access

    Setting up security roles
    Role-based access control

    UNIT 5 : Data Management

    Data entities and data packages
    Data import and export processes

    UNIT 6 : Financial Management

    General Ledger
    Accounts Payable and Receivable
    Budgeting and financial reporting

    UNIT 7 : Supply Chain Management

    Inventory management
    Procurement and sourcing
    Production control

    UNIT 8 : Human Resources and Payroll

    Employee management
    Payroll processing

    UNIT 9 : Sales and Marketing

    Sales order processing
    Marketing automation

    UNIT 10 : Integration with Other Systems

    Integration with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform
    Third-party integrations

    UNIT 11 : Workflow and Business Process Automation

    Creating and managing workflows
    Business process automation using Flow

    UNIT 12 : Customization and Development

    Extending D365 F&O with customizations
    Introduction to X++ programming

    UNIT 13 : Reporting and Analytics

    Power BI integration
    Standard reports and analytics tools

    UNIT 14 : Upgrades and Maintenance

    Upgrading D365 F&O
    System maintenance best practices

    UNIT 15 : Best Practices and Optimization

    Performance optimization tips
    Best practices for using D365 F&O

    UNIT 16 : User Training and Adoption

    End-user training strategies
    Driving user adoption


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