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SAP SD is a core functional module in SAP ERP Central Component that allows organizations to store and manage customer and product related data.

SAP SD Course Outline:

Introduction to ERP/SAP

  • Three Tier Architecture
  • Sales Overview

I: Enterprise Structure of SAP SD

  • Enterprise structure in Sales and Distribution
  • Define organizational elements
  • Assign organizational elements

II: Master Data SAP

  • Defining Account Groups
  • Creating Number Ranges and Assignment
  • Partner Determination
  • Customer master Data
  • Material Master Data
  • Customer Material Info Record
  • Conditions Master data

III: Determinations

  • Item category Determination
  • Schedule Line Category Determination
  • Shipping Point Determination
  • Picking Location Determination
  • Pricing Determination

IV: Sales Process of SAP SD

  • Forward Sales Cycle
  • Reversal Sales Cycle
  • Cash Sales & Rush Order
  • Sample Sales and Free of Charge (FOC)

V: Complaints

  • Returns Sales order
  • Credit Memo Request, Debit Memo Request
  • Subsequent free of charge Delivery
  • Invoice correction request

VI: Document Type Controls Processing

  • Sales Document Types
  • Sales Document Structure
  • Delivery Document Types
  • Billing Document Types

VII: Copy Controls

  • Sales to Sales
  • Sales to Delivery
  • Sales to Billing
  • Billing to Sales

VIII: Basic Functions

  • Taxes
  • In-completion Procedure
  • Item Proposal
  • Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Material Determination
  • Listing/Exclusion
  • Cross Selling
  • Output Determination
  • Free Goods
  • Pricing

a) Field Catalogue, Condition Tables, Access Sequence, Condition Types, Procedure, Condition Records

b) Pricing Determination

c) Price, Discounts, Taxes, Surcharges, Freight, Rebate

d) Condition Exclusion groups for Pricing

e) Condition Supplement

f) Configuring Pricing Reports

  • Output Determination
  • Order Blocks, Credit Blocks, Delivery Blocks & Billing Blocks
  • Availability Check and Transfer of requirements
  • Forward scheduling and Backward Scheduling
  • Document Flow
  • Document Grouping and Splitting Criteria

IX: Outline Agreements

  • Contracts
  • Quantity Contracts
  • Value Contracts
  • Scheduling Agreements

X: Logistics Execution

  • Basic Shipping Functions
  • Shipping Conditions, Picking and PGI
  • Route Determination

XI: Billing

  • Billing Documents
  • Billing Plan

Section XII: Finance Integration

  • Revenue Account Determination
  • Credit Management
  • Rebate Processing

XIII: Material Management Integration

  • Stock posting
  • Stock Transfers
  • Third Party Sales
  • Individual Purchase Order


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SAP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) is a core functional module in SAP ERP Central Component (ECC) that allows organizations to store and manage customer- and product-related data. Organizations use this data to manage all of the sales ordering, shipping, billing, and invoicing of their goods and services.