DevOps for Selenium Professionals Working on Image Processing

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    Embark on a transformative journey with our DevOps for Selenium Professionals Working on Image Processing course. This Hands-on Tutorial Explains How to Implement DevOps Practices in Selenium Project and How to Set Up Selenium Project For DevSecOps. Designed for seasoned Selenium professionals aiming to enhance their skills in the dynamic world of image processing, this comprehensive training seamlessly integrates DevOps principles into the Selenium testing framework.Selenium is an open-source test automation framework.

    Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, participants will learn to streamline test automation pipelines, optimize test environments, and implement efficient CI/CD practices for image processing applications.

    By mastering these essential DevOps tools and techniques tailored specifically for Selenium testing in image processing environments, participants will emerge proficient in orchestrating end-to-end automation pipelines, ensuring reliability, scalability, and performance in their testing workflows.


    DevOps for Selenium Table of Contents:

    1.Introduction to DevOps
    2.DevOps Principles and Practices
    3.Continuous Integration (CI)
    4.Continuous Deployment (CD)
    5.Version Control Systems
    6.Automated Testing in DevOps
    7.Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
    8.Containerization (Docker)
    9.Orchestration (Kubernetes)
    10.Monitoring and Logging in DevOps
    11.DevOps Tools Overview
    12.DevOps for Selenium Best Practices

    Selenium Course Table of Contents:

    1.Introduction to Selenium
    2.Selenium WebDriver Basics
    3.Locators in Selenium
    4.Handling Web Elements
    5.Selenium WebDriver Commands
    6.Synchronization in Selenium
    7.Working with Forms and Pop-ups

    8.Handling Frames and Windows
    9.TestNG Framework
    10.Data-Driven Testing
    11.Page Object Model (POM)
    12.Selenium Grid

    Image Processing training  Table of Contents:

    1.Introduction to Image Processing
    2.Image Basics and Formats
    3.Image Enhancement Techniques
    4.Image Filtering and Convolution
    5.Image Segmentation
    6.Feature Extraction in Images
    7.Image Transformation
    8.Color Image Processing training
    9.Image Compression
    10.Image Recognition
    11.Image Processing Applications
    12.Case Studies in Image Processing

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