AWS DevOps Engineer with Cloud Development Kit & Governance

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    AWS DevOps Engineer training in Bangalore offered by Locus IT with 100% hands on practical classes with best industrial experts and working on real time projects.

    Course Content On AWS DevOps EngineerĀ 
    1- Analytics:
    • Amazon Athena
    • Amazon Emr
    • Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
    • Amazon Kinesis Data Streams
    • Amazon Opensearch Service
    • Amazon Quick Sight
    2-Application Integration:
    • Amazon App Flow
    • Amazon Event Bridge (Amazon Cloudwatch Events)


    3- Compute:
    • Aws App Runner
    • Amazon Ec2
    • Amazon Ec2 Auto Scaling
    • Ec2 Image Builder
    • Aws Elastic Beanstalk
    • Aws Serverless Application Repository


    • Aws App2container
    • Aws Copilot
    • Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon Ecr)
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon Ecs)
    • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon Eks)
    • Amazon Eks Distro
    • Aws Fargate
    • Red Hat Openshift Service On Aws (Rosa)


    5- Database:
    • Amazon Aurora
    • Amazon Aurora Serverless V2
    • Aws Database Migration Service (Aws Dms)
    • Amazon Documentdb (With Mongodb Compatibility)
    • Amazon Dynamodb
    • Amazon Elasticache
    • Amazon Memorydb For Redis
    • Amazon Rds
    • Amazon Redshift


    6- Developer Tools:
    • Aws Cloud Development Kit (Aws Cdk)
    • Aws Cloudshell
    • Aws Codeartifact
    • Aws Codebuild
    • Aws Codecommit
    • Aws Codedeploy
    • Amazon Codeguru
    • Aws Codepipeline
    • Aws Codestar
    • Aws Command Line Interface (Aws Cli)
    • Aws Fault Injection Simulator
    • Aws Sdks and Tools
    • Aws X-Ray


    7- Management And Governance:
    • Aws Auto Scaling
    • Aws Cloudformation
    • Aws Cloudtrail
    • Amazon Cloudwatch
    • Amazon Cloudwatch Logs
    • Aws Compute Optimizer
    • Aws Config
    • Aws Control Tower
    • Aws Health
    • Aws License Manager
    • Amazon Managed Grafana
    • Amazon Managed Service For Prometheus
    • Aws Opsworks
    • Aws Organizations
    • Aws Personal Health Dashboard
    • Aws Proton
    • Aws Resilience Hub
    • Aws Service Catalog
    • Aws Systems Manager
    • Aws Trusted Advisor


    8- Networking And Content Delivery:
    • Amazon Api Gateway
    • Aws Client Vpn
    • Amazon Cloudfront
    • Elastic Load Balancing (Elb)
    • Aws Privatelink
    • Amazon Route 53
    • Aws Site-To-Site Vpn
    • Aws Transit Gateway
    • Amazon Vpc
    9-Security, Identity, And Compliance:
    • Aws Certificate Manager (Acm)
    • Aws Cloudhsm
    • Amazon Cognito
    • Amazon Detective
    • Aws Directory Service
    • Amazon Guardduty
    • Aws Identity and Access Management (Iam)
    • Amazon Inspector
    • Aws Key Management Service (Aws Kms)
    • Amazon Macie
    • Aws Network Firewall
    • Aws Resource Access Manager (Aws Ram)
    • Aws Secrets Manager
    • Aws Security Hub
    • Aws Security Token Service (Aws Sts)
    • Aws Shield
    • Aws Single Sign-On
    • Aws Waf


    10- Serverless:
    • Aws Lambda
    • Aws Serverless Application Model (Aws Sam)
    • Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon Sns)
    • Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon Sqs)
    • Aws Step Functions


    11- Storage:
    • Aws Backup
    • Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon Ebs)
    • Aws Elastic Disaster Recovery (Cloud Endure Disaster Recovery)
    • Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon Efs)
    • Amazon Fsx for Lustre
    • Amazon Fsx for Netapp Ontap
    • Amazon Fsx for Openzfs
    • Amazon Fsx for Windows File Server
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon S3 Glacier
    • Aws Storage Gateway

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