Duration: Hours

Training Mode: Online




    Course Content

    1-Cloud Concepts  

    • Introduction to Cloud Concepts
    • Define the benefits of the AWS Cloud
    • Identify design principles of the AWS Cloud
    • Understand the benefits of the strategies for migration to the AWS Cloud
    • Understand the concepts of cloud economics
    • Module End Questions
    • Additional resources

    2-Security and Compliance

    • Introduction to Security and Compliance
    • Understand the Shared Responsibility Model
    • Understand Cloud security, governance, and compliance concepts
    • Identify AWS access management capabilities
    • Identify components and resources for security
    • Module End Questions
    • Lab assessment: Exploring AWS Lambda and Amazon Event Bridge

     3-Cloud Technology and Services

    • Introduction to Cloud Technology and Services
    • Define methods of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
    • Define the AWS global infrastructure
    • Identify AWS compute resources
    • Identify AWS database resources
    • Identify AWS network resources
    • Identify AWS storage resources
    • Identify AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services and analytics services
    • Identify services from other in-scope AWS service categories
    • Module End Questions
    • Lab assessment: Exploring Amazon EC2
    • Lab assessment: Exploring Amazon S3

    4-Billing, Pricing, and Support

    • Introduction to Billing, Pricing, and Support
    • Compare AWS pricing models
    • Understand resources for billing, budget, and cost management
    • Identify AWS technical resources and AWS Support options
    • Module End Questions
    • Assessment Test


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