MS SQL Server Integration Services – SSIS

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    Course Content 

     1 Module 

    • What is Data and Information
    • Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS Concepts
    • DDL ,DML and DQL commands
    • Doubts and assignments

     2 Module 

    • Operators in SQL(Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Logical operators
    • SQL clauses (TOP, like Group by ,Having and order by Doubts and assignments)

     3 Module 

    • Discussion on assignments and tasks
    • SQL Functions
    • Module 4-
    • SQL Joins
    • Understanding of table relations
    • Tasks on joins

    4 Module 

    • Discussion on sql joins tasks
    • SQL views
    • Doubts and Queries


    5 Module 

    • Introduction to ETL Concepts
    •  Microsoft SSIS installation
    •  SSIS Package configuration

     6 Module 

    • Data Flow Task
    • control flow task
    • execute sql task

    7 Module

    • Data Sources
    • Data Flow Destinations
    • Source to destination mappings

    8 Module

    • Data Flow Transformations
    • Lookup Transformation
    • multiple table load in  Microsoft SSIS

    9 Module

    • Data conversion
    • Derived Column transformation
    • Calculated fields in SSIS

    10 Module 

    • Send Mail task
    • conditional split ,multicast
    • union all, merge

    11 Module

    • Event Handlers
    • Error handling
    • Audit Tables

    12 Module

    • SSIS package deployment
    • Package execution
    • Package Scheduling

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