.Net + Sql

Duration: Hours



    Training Mode: Online


    UNIT 1 : Introduction to .NET and SQL

    Overview of .NET Framework

    Introduction to SQL

    UNIT 2 : Getting Started with .NET

    Setting Up the Development Environment

    Basics of C# Programming

    UNIT 3 : Introduction to Database Concepts

    Database Fundamentals

    Introduction to SQL Server

    UNIT 4 : SQL Basics

    SQL Data Types

    SQL Queries

    UNIT 5 : Working with Tables and Relationships

    Creating Tables


    UNIT 6 : .NET and SQL Connectivity

    ADO.NET Basics

    Entity Framework (EF)

    UNIT 7 : CRUD Operations

    Creating Records

    Retrieving Records

    Updating and Deleting Records

    UNIT 8 : Advanced SQL Concepts

    Stored Procedures

    Indexing and Optimization

    UNIT 9 : Security and Authentication

    SQL Server Security

    .NET Security

    UNIT 10 : Error Handling and Debugging

    Handling SQL Errors

    Debugging .NET Applications


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