JSF and Postgre SQL

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    Training Mode: Online



    Introduction to JSF and PostgreSQL

    1.1 Overview of JavaServer Faces (JSF)
    1.2 Introduction to PostgreSQL Database
    1.3 Benefits of Using JSF with PostgreSQL

    Setting Up the Development Environment

    2.1 Installing Java Development Kit (JDK)
    2.2 Setting Up a JSF Project
    2.3 Installing and Configuring PostgreSQL Database

    JSF Basics

    3.1 Understanding JSF Lifecycle
    3.2 Creating JSF Managed Beans
    3.3 JSF Expression Language (EL)
    3.4 JSF Facelets

    Working with PostgreSQL Database

    4.1 Connecting JSF to PostgreSQL
    4.2 Creating Database Tables and Schemas
    4.3 SQL Basics for JSF Developers
    4.4 JDBC Connection in JSF

    CRUD Operations with JSF and PostgreSQL

    5.1 Creating Forms for Data Entry
    5.2 Implementing Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD) Operations
    5.3 Validating User Input in JSF Forms

    Advanced JSF Concepts

    6.1 Navigation in JSF
    6.2 JSF Composite Components
    6.3 Internationalization (i18n) in JSF

    Optimizing PostgreSQL Queries

    7.1 Indexing Strategies
    7.2 Query Optimization Techniques
    7.3 Monitoring and Tuning PostgreSQL Performance

    Securing JSF Applications

    8.1 Authentication and Authorization
    8.2 Implementing Role-Based Access Control
    8.3 Best Practices for JSF Security

    Testing and Debugging

    9.1 Unit Testing JSF Components
    9.2 Debugging Techniques for JSF Applications
    9.3 Testing Database Interactions

    Deployment and Best Practices

    10.1 Packaging and Deploying JSF Applications
    10.2 Configuring PostgreSQL for Production
    10.3 Best Practices for JSF and PostgreSQL Development



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