SysOps Administrator : AWS Monitoring and Management

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    Training Mode: Online


    The SysOps Administrator: AWS Monitoring and Management course provides comprehensive training on effectively monitoring and managing AWS (Amazon Web Services) environments at Locus Academy .

    Participants will learn essential skills and best practices for configuring, deploying, and maintaining monitoring solutions to ensure optimal performance and availability of AWS resources. The course covers a range of topics including setting up monitoring tools, configuring alerts and notifications, troubleshooting performance issues, optimizing resource utilization, and implementing security measures.

    Through hands-on exercises and real-world scenarios, participants will gain practical experience in monitoring AWS infrastructure and applications, enabling them to efficiently manage and support AWS environments in a variety of operational contexts. This training is ideal for sysadmins, DevOps engineers, and IT professionals looking to enhance their expertise in AWS monitoring and management.


    Unit 1: AWS Overview
    1.1 Introduction to AWS
    1.2 AWS Global Infrastructure

    Unit 2: Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    2.1 IAM Basics
    2.2 IAM Policies in SysOps Administrator
    2.3 IAM Users and Groups

    Unit 3: Compute Services
    3.1 Amazon EC2 Instances
    3.2 Auto Scaling
    3.3 Elastic Load Balancing

    Unit 4: Storage Services in SysOps Administrator
    4.1 Amazon S3
    4.2 Amazon EBS
    4.3 Amazon Glacier

    Unit 5: Networking
    5.1 Amazon VPC
    5.2 Route 53
    5.3 Direct Connect

    Unit 6: Monitoring and Management
    6.1 AWS CloudWatch
    6.2 AWS CloudTrail
    6.3 AWS Config in AWS Monitoring and Management

    Unit 7: Database Services
    7.1 Amazon RDS
    7.2 Amazon DynamoDB
    7.3 Amazon Redshift

    Unit 8: Security and Compliance
    8.1 AWS Key Management Service (KMS)
    8.2 AWS WAF and Shield
    8.3 Compliance on AWS

    Unit 9: Automation
    9.1 AWS CloudFormation
    9.2 AWS Systems Manager
    9.3 OpsWorks in AWS Monitoring and Management

    Unit 10: Troubleshooting
    10.1 AWS Trusted Advisor
    10.2 CloudWatch Alarms and Events
    10.3 Troubleshooting Common AWS Issues


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